Modern, clean and secure car storage in the newest state of the art facility

Prestige cars are a pride to have and should be a joy to drive. But when your passion is parked, do you have the appropriate provisions for storage? Car storage can be a serious concern if your vehicle is stationary for long periods of time.

The Luxury Car Vault offers car storage services for investors, collectors and enthusiasts. In a discrete location, we provide a bespoke facility with high levels of security in Sydney’s inner west region.

With a comprehensive range of storage options and allocated storage bays for easy access, we can tailor a storage package to suit your needs. We can also arrange for a luxury chauffeur driven hire car from your door to ours and back again for convenience.


PPF – Paint Protection Film

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Paint Protection Film also known as PPF

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Paint Protection Film also known as PPF is a clear film digitally cut to custom fit your car and then professionally applied to protect your paint from daily hazards such as stone chips, road grime and light marks. PPF features a self-healing top coat that reforms and repairs light scratches in the film and maintains a high gloss.

At the Luxury Car Vault we provide a variety of paint protection services, from new cars and motorcycles to existing vehicles that need their paint restored and protected. Our highly trained team of professionals will ensure your vehicle is protected in the safes and best ways possible. All of our applicators are trained by the leading PPF and car care brands giving your peace of mind that your car is in good hands with us.

With our state of the art digital plotting system this allows us to pre-cut your cars template ensuring no blade cutting on your car. Many other types of applications lead to light scratches to vehicles, our way is 100% blade free and gives a clean edge.

Shielding your vehicle from stone chips and other road grime with PPF is the best and most effective way to keep your cars paint work looking brand new.

The Luxury Car Vault PPF and Detailing team are the best in Sydney, with over 30 years of detailing experience your vehicle is in the safest possible hands.

Track Pack PPF

Starting from ONLY $2895.00

Our Track Pack PPF provides protection to the entire front of you vehicle. This package covers The Bonnet, Front Bumper, Front Guards, Head Lights, A-Pillars, Side Skirts and Mirrors.


Complete Car PPF

Starting from ONLY $5500.00

Complete PPF covers the entire vehicle with our Paint Protection Film, Our highly trained PPF applicators will apply PPF to all painted surfaces of your vehicle. Using laser cut templates that are made to measure and your cars specifications. Complete Car PPF gives your vehicle a glossy or Matt Finish and provides the best possible protection.


Car Window Tinting

Blocks heat & Glare for a comfortable drive every time. Blocks 99% UV Rays for solar Protection. A deep black appearance for ultimate privacy. Multiple dark coloured shades available – Lifetime Warranty

Starting from $295.00


Rim Repairs

We specialise in all alloy wheel repairs and restoration for all makes and models,​from minor scuffs to large scratches we have got you covered.

Starting from $185.00


Bespoke Car Detailing

Bespoke detailing service that is designed to detail your vehicle inside and out completely and without any compromise.

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Dash Camera Installation Sydney

Dashboard Cameras With Full Warranties & Guarantee Of Workmanship.

Why should i install a dash cam? The most honest reason to install a Dash Cam with The Luxury Car Vault is to protect yourself and insure you prove innocence in the case of a disputed road incident. Our dash cams provide a clear and visual evidence in the case of disputes or false accusations after an accident. Looking for more information? contact us today on 1300 300 360 to discuss further!

Explorer some of our Dash Camera’s Below!

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Car Detailing & Snowfoam

Largest Range of Snow Foam

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​If you need car storage specialists you can count on, then look no further. The Luxury Car Vault’s facility is highly secured and dehumidified to look after your pride and joy in the best possible conditions. ​

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